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Olaf Brzeski - Dream: Spontaneous Combustion, 2009, resin and soot


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[Artist] kaiserknife

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Vers la voie

  • Current Residence: France-Lille
  • Favourite movie: Tekkon Kinkreet - Le chateau ambulant
  • Favourite artist: De Crecy - Adam Haynes - shaun tan - Daniel Chang - Dave kinsey - Pablo auladell - Elodie Nouhen
  • Favourite poet or writer: Damien
  • Favourite style of art: painting !
  • Personal Quote: Tout n’est que silence. Je crie en chuchotant


Bovey Lee

When it comes to creating art with paper, paper cutter Bovey Lee has a rare talent, technique and imagination.  Her works scale a wide range of inspiration, from perfect geometric patterns to intricate, detailed storyscapes.  

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